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Sri Mahligai offers a complete wedding and reception entertainment including audio system, props and platforms to suit all kind of themes. From a basic setup to the most demanding of customers, we have packages tailored to the requirement of the wedding planners. Sri Mahligai wedding packages fits anywhere you may wish to hold your wedding - void decks, community and function halls and five-star hotels.

Performance Details

Type of Performance : Instrumental, singing and dance (optional)
Number of performers : 8 - 12 musicians & singers

Featured segments :

1SRI MAHLIGAI SUITESri Mahligai introduction
2ASLIRAMAA brief tour of Malay music spanning generations and genres
3YA HABIBIE!A moment in time in the Middle East
4DONDANG SAYANG TIGA RASAThe evergreen dondang sayang presented in three different styles
5GEMILANGMedley of classic traditional dance songs of the 70s
6ASASClassic Malay traditional dance song accompaniment
7GETAR DI DADA LANGITSongs featuring multi-ethnic influences excerpts from major projects such as Gentarasa
8MARI BERONGGENG!The popular Malay social dance of yore fast-forward to this day and age
9GHAZAL MENYENGATA segment of Indian-infused Ghazal songs from Johor
10DANGDUT ASYIIIK!A segment of fast-paced Dangdut songs to step to the beat
11DI RENJIS-RENJISA segment of classic wedding songs for the bride & groom's 'ascension' to the wedding dais
12SEKETIKA DI LAYAR PERAKA collection of classic songs from the silver screen
13KELAB BUNGA TANJONGClassic cabaret songs of the 50s by the likes of R Azmi, Oslan Hussein & P Ramlee
14KERONCONG RINDUA collection of classic keroncong songs from our well-received Keroncong Rindu concert at Esplanade in 2009
15RETRO POP INDONESIAIndonesian flavoured classic retro pop songs and familiar tunes

*Segments may vary according to the proceedings

Also includes :
  • Public address system (see details below)
  • Master-of-Ceremony provided
  • Periodic announcement on behalf of bride and groom
  • 'Live' commentary of the bersanding ceremony (bride's place only)
  • Fanfare music provided for bride & groom's entrance, cake-cutting ceremony etc
  • Brief introduction of Malay traditional musical styles, genres and historical background
  • Song requests
  • Impromptu dance sessions
Our Standard Wedding Packages

Our wedding packages are your total solution wedding entertainment.
You are not required to engage other parties for DJ, MC or audio system!
* Staging & platforms not included

5-hr Wedding Reception Package

Time : 11:30am to 5:00pm
Our rate :
SGD$2200.00 with audio system
SGD$2100.00 without audio system°

3-hr Wedding Dinner Package

Time : Any 3-hr duration
Our rate :
SGD$2000.00 with audio system
SGD$1900.00 without audio system°

° Without audio system implies that external audio provider will be engaged by organizer

Rate is exclusive for end-consumer wedding event only. Corporate and/or other events organised by event companies, art houses or other agencies are subject to our standard corporate rate instead.

Terms and conditions
1Bookings for Sri Mahligai's wedding package shall be governed by our Contract of Service.
2A non-refundable deposit of SGD$100 is payable upon signing of the Contract of Service.
3Balance sum of is to be paid in cash immediately after performance. Private wedding contracts are NOT granted 30-day payment terms.
4Bookings shall be on a 'first-come-first-serve' basis.
5Kindly enquire for the ensemble's availability for the choice of date. Popular dates are usually booked at least six months in advance.
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Contractual Agreement & Licences

Do I need licence for my wedding?
Why do I have to sign an Agreement? What is this Agreement about?

Deposit & Payment

Why do I have to pay a deposit?
Can I get a discount for my wedding because I'm related to one of your members or I'm the great niece of the cousin of my uncle who has some obscure relationship with one of your members (or for any other reason for a discount)?
Why can't I pay more than the stipulated $100 deposit?
Why is it that the payment term is cash only? Can't I get a 30-day term?
How far in advance can I book Sri Mahligai for my wedding?
Do you provide sound system in your wedding package?
Are there any hidden cost on top of the rate you charge (as displayed above)?

The Wedding Package itself

What kind of entertainment can you provide for my wedding?
How many performers can I expect for my wedding?
Why can't you fix the number of performers for my wedding?
Do you perform in a costume or casually dressed?
What kind of songs do you perform?
Can you perform some English (or other non-Malay and/or some other obscure or least-known or forgotten) songs for my wedding dinner/reception because its my favourite and/or has some sentimental reason?
When are your break times throughout my wedding event? And how long is each break?
Is my wedding going to be silent when you guys have your break?
Do you end your performance at 5pm on the dot? If my wedding ends slightly after 5pm, would you consider extending the performance for free?

The Venue, Performance Area, Tentage, Staging & other technical matters

Where should I put your group in my wedding layout?
How much space do you need to set up your performance area?
Do you provide staging/tentage/platform for my wedding?
Is tentage/stage/platform necessary for your group?
How big tentage/stage/platform do I need to order?
How much does this cost? Who pays for these items anyway?
What is your performance time like?
Why do you start at 11:45am? Can you start earlier?
Can you set up a day before my wedding?

Working with external parties

Can you work with my DJ/MC/dance group/marhaban/silat/kompang or any other external performer etc?
Can I get a discount when I already have my DJ to provide sound system?
Can you do something when I do not have a kompang group to escort me?
Can you do something when I do not appoint any MC or DJ in my wedding?
Can I get your group to perform for only 30-min item?
How much would it cost if I only want your group to perform for only 30-min?
Why is it that performing for 5 hours cost only $2000 but a half hour performance cost me at least $950++? Why the discrepancy in the rate?

Dance Matters

Do you bundle dance items in your wedding package?
Can I add a dance item?
Can I get my own appointed dance group to perform at my wedding?
Can I get my own appointed dance group to perform with your group's live accompaniment at my wedding?
How much would the dance item cost me? How many items can the dance group perform for me? Or any other dance-specific questions.

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