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Secawan Kopi - Keroncong Rindu
Secawan Kopi - Keroncong Rindu
This is an Esplanade Presents programme
Sat, 10 Oct 09 | 8pm | Esplanade Recital Studio | $18

Secawan Kopi - which literally means "A Cup of Coffee" - is a concert created with our senior Malay audiences in mind, featuring recitals of evergreen musical genres such as keroncong, zapin and dondang sayang.

The music of keroncong originated and grew in Java through the influence of Portuguese melodies and stringed instruments such as the ukelele. Initially an art form adopted by the commoners, it has now become a classically Indonesian musical genre often associated with the casual and easy-paced island life of Java and the Malay Peninsula.

While many young people now consider keroncong as old-fashioned folk music, there have been efforts by several local groups to revive and modernise the sound by adding electric guitars, keyboards and drums. Sri Mahligai, Singapore’s top Malay traditional band, is respected and much sought after locally for their dedication to preserve and develop Malay traditional music. They have also started to perform overseas in folk and music festivals to introduce their brand of Malay traditional music to a larger audience.

Specially featured in this concert is Ms Julie Sudiro, a renowned Malaysian singer who has roots in an entire family of artistic talents. Julie started singing in her school days, dabbling in all music genres including keroncong and jazz, in both Malay and English. She has performed internationally, in countries and cities of South East Asia, South America and Europe. However, she found her niche as a keroncong vocalist with a loyal following in both Singapore and Malaysia.

Songs are performed in Malay.

Secawan Kopi: Keroncong Rindu by Sri Mahligai Singapore This is an Esplanade Presents programme

Saturday 10 Oct 2009 at 8pm 90mins, no intermission Recital Studio, Esplanade Theatres By The Bay

Ticket : $18 available at SISTIC outlet.