Sri Mahligai MUTIARA
MUTIARA © Sri Mahligai 2005 Singapore Malay Ethnic Original Music Recording
MUTIARA is a compilation of original Malay dance songs in the category of traditional, ethnic and creative genres composed by Sri Mahligai in collaboration with outstanding and creative individuals for projects participated between 2004 and 2005.
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© 2005 Sri Mahligai
Produced by Sri Mahligai

Format : CD Audio
Release date : 1 Oct 2005
Genre : Ethnic/Traditional/Singapore

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1. TARI DARA JELITA (Ariffin) Feb 2005 (5:36)
2. TUDUNG BERLINDUNG (Torie) Feb 2004 (4:55)
3. ZAPIN MUDA-MUDI (Md Noor) Feb 2005 (5:44)
4. INANG LENGGOK (Ariffin) Feb 2005 (5:20)
5. MEOW! (Azrin) Mar 2004 (4:24)
6. PELAYARAN DUKA SEORANG NAKHODA (Ariffin) Sep 2005 (2:25)
7. PAJONG (Azrin) oct 2004 (4:47)
8. PANJI PERWIRA (Azrin) Mar 2004 (4:38)
9. TEMPURUNG MENARI (Ariffin) Feb 2004 (4:18)
10. TALUNAN ZAPIN (Azrin) Feb 2005 (5:09)
11. RANGKAIAN RIA (Azrin) Feb 2005 (5:04)
Album Review
Sri Mahligai Still Outstanding Despite Lack of Publicity Berita Harian
Singapore Malay Newspaper
13 Oct 2005
By Hanim Bd Saleh
Translated by Ariffin Abdullah
Sri Mahligai Mutiara


Sri Mahligai Still Outstanding Despite Lack of Publicity

Sometimes, the commercial value of a music composition takes a backseat against its artistic merit, even though it may not be economically viable.

There is no substitute for the effort to promote Malay music based on its traditional elements.

That is why Malay traditional group Sri Mahligai has never waver despite the lack of attention from commercial radio stations and television.

In fact, they have step up the effort to promote Malay traditional music with the release of their second album, Mutiara (Mother of Pearl), that harmonizes traditional instruments with nature sounds such as chirping birds and crashing waves.

What is interesting is that despite the lack of publicity for the creativity of these youngsters, Sri Mahligai's debut album Jati, which was released last year, is much sought-after among Malay dance groups in Community Clubs and Schools.

Sri Mahligai spokeperson, Ariffin Abdullah, said that more than 40% of the dance presented by Secondary schools and Junior Colleges in the recent Singapore Youth Foundation (SYF) Central Judging of Malay Dance (Sec/JC) traditional category last April uses songs composed by the group.

He also states that one of the song found in their debut album Jati, Menganyam Pelangi (Weaving The Rainbow), charted a 7th position at one of South Korea's radio station in Dec 2004.

Just like Jati, Mutiara is a compilation of dance songs that the ensemble composed for projects with other art groups between 2004 and 2005.

The 53-minutes album was engineered by Azrin Abdullah (guitarist for Axed Ministers and now playing the oud) and featuring all-original compositions.

For further information on Mutiara, visit Sri Mahligai website at

Among the songs featured includes Tari Dara Jelita, Tudung Berlindung, Zapin Muda-Mudi and Inang Lenggok.