Sri Mahligai JATI
JATI © Sri Mahligai 2004 Singapore Malay Ethnic Original Music Recording
JATI is a compilation of original Malay dance songs in the category of traditional, ethnic and creative genres composed by Sri Mahligai in collaboration with outstanding and creative individuals for projects participated between 2002 and 2003.
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© 2004 Sri Mahligai
Produced by Sri Mahligai

Format : CD Audio
Release date : 23 Jan 2004
Genre : Ethnic/Traditional/Singapore

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1. LINTASAN SENI (Azrin, Ariffin, Md Noor) Jul 2002 (3:26)
2. INANG BERPUTIK (Ariffin, Mahdi, Al Falah) Jun 2002 (5:07)
3. GEMERSIK OMBAK (Hisham, Mahdi, Al Falah, Azrin) Jun 2002 (6:30)
4. BUDI DI SANJUNG (Ariffin) Apr 2003 (3:50)
5. PALUAN TELINGKAH (Azrin, Ariffin) Jul 2003 (6:11)
6. MENGANYAM PELANGI (Mahdi, Al Falah, Ariffin, Azrin, Md Noor) Jun 2002 (2:40)
7. HASRAT HATI (Azrin) Apr 2003 (3:28)
8. ZAPIN GELOMBANG (Azrin) Mar 2003 (6:51)
9. MENGHADAP RANJAU (Azrin, Torie, Md Noor) Jul 2002 (1:14)
Album Review
Malay Traditional Music 'JATI' Berita Harian
Singapore Malay Newspaper
11 Feb 2004
By Mohd Rafaat Hamzah
Translated by Ariffin Abdullah
Sri Mahligai
Malay Traditional Music 'JATI'

ZAPIN, inang, joget, asli, ronggeng has been their cup of tea, and so it is not a surprise that the group Sri Mahligai happens to be the first local group that went on to produce a Malay traditional music album since 10 years ago.

The instrumental album entitled 'JATI' is a compilation of ethnic music that was composed especially for dance projects which Sri Mahligai has been involved.

These songs were meaningful to Sri Mahligai because through these creative processes, they were able to collaborate with experienced musicians in the region.

Most of the songs featured in the albums were composed jointly.

These songs were created especially for dance projects including major works such as Gentarasa and Gentarasa II.

JATI is not only meant for local listeners and activists, but has the potential to be accepted in the world music genre - a fusion of musical works that makes use of various musical styles.

It is common knowledge that Malay traditional music were heavily influenced from various sources including Middle Eastern, Spanish, Portuguese, Indian and Chinese.

With the production of this album, it somewhat completes a full circle, where the products of these influences were returned back to the world.

JATI has the potential to gain acceptance worldwide should its marketing strategy is well defined.

In this album, listeners will be able to hear familiar foreign styles such as mambo, rhumba and even flamenco.

The album will be available at Muzika Records and well-known CD outlets by middle of this month.

For further details, visit their website at For enquiries and bookings, mail to or contact Mr Ariffin Abdullah at (65) 9682 3256.