Posted on 6 Oct 2006
Suria Raya Live!

Suria Raya Live!
Live telecast 23.10.06 (Eve of Hari Raya)
Tuesday | 10.00pm

SURIA RAYA LIVE! is a Hari Raya celebration inspired by the colours, sight and fervor of the Suria Raya Karnival. It is a musical journey which resonates of the Singapore Malays’ heritage. It travels from its Mediterranean roots to the Malay pop-culture and then to today’s multi-ethnic, cosmopolitan Singapore.

With more Singapore artistes recently bursting into the entertainment scene, the show will be accentuated with contemporary and high energy performances fronted by the top local and regional artistes – including Aaron Aziz, Najip Ali, Flying Dutchman & Rod Monteiro of Class 95FM, Patricia Mok as well as Jaclyn Victor, Malaysian Idol winner.

A Hari Raya show will never be one without Hari Raya songs. The night’s repertoire will be a collection of Hari Raya hits, Malay and English songs as well as Mediterranean inspired hits. Top of the Hari Raya charts are mostly nostalgic evergreen songs. These favourites will be recreated, improvised and adapted into today’s fresh and contemporary music arrangement.

Sri Mahligai will also grace the occasion with the evergreen Dondang Sayang fused with rock music. Music arranged by the great Iskandar Mirza Ismail.