Posted on 20 Jun 2005
Gentarasa - Langit Nan Terjunjung

A Brave New World
Review of Gentarasa IV Langit Nan Terjunjung

     Gentarasa – Langit Nan Terjunjung (The Soil We Toil) was well-received by an enthusiastic audience, particularly youths who cheered in response to the show's fusion of contemporary elements from Azrin's blistering guitar solo, to breakdancers, zapin hip-hop and even veteran Sarkasi Said's aerosol art.

     This year's Gentarasa IV breaks rules, conventions, taboo and protocols with its brave fusion of ethnic elements against a more vibrant and dynamic portrayal of today's youth.

      The show started amid an unlikely premise of a construction site and piling work, then revisit its traditional element of a gotong-royong kampong scene and a silat martial arts movement, before veering out and out towards new elements such as hip-hop incorporated in its energetic zapin number with Sarkasi Said's aerosol art on the sideline, a new-age dikir barat with a techno Wau Bulan rendition set off by a blistering guitar solo and ends with rappers and breakdancers taking centrestage before diving right into a chaotic scene of war and the painful resurrection of rebuilding a broken nation.

     Veteran choreographer Osman Abd Hamid noted that "these new modern elements such as rock, hip hop and aerosol art have been embraced by our Malay youth of this generation. We cannot simply ignore these developments as well as their preferences and aspirations. We have to work together."

     This year's Gentarasa Orchestra comprises of the potent combination of Dzul Rabull Jalil and Sri Mahligai along with flautist Hafiz Jamat and Bukit Batok CC Gamelan orchestra.

     Gentarasa – Langit Nan Terjunjung (The Soil We Toil) is an "Asian Showcase" in conjunction with NAC's Arts Festival 2005 "A Season of Brilliance". Performed on Saturday, 18 June 2005, at the Kallang Theatre. Choreographed by Osman Abd Hamid, Azmi Juhari and Mazlinah Buang. Woohoo! Brilliant.