Posted on 2 Oct 2006
Farapeirra Live at Esplanade Concourse

Farapeirra Live at the Esplanade

Celebrating the World Stringed Instruments Month, the Esplanade presents Farrapeira in their interpretation of the oud, featured in music from different cultures, fused and blended together into a cohesive harmony of aural sensation.

Farapeirra is a 5-piece accoustic group consisting of seasoned musicians from Singapore (read: Sri Mahligai). Azrin Abdullah on gambus, Shahrom Omar on vocals, Adam Ismail on guitar, Hadi Adl-Thouib on accoustic bass and Jamsyid Omar on percussions.

Among the repertoire for the four sessions of half-hour gigs spanning two days at the Esplanade Concourse include favourites Azizah, improvised version of the famous Arabic song Bintal Shalabiah, a blues-tinted, laid-back and melancholic Besame Mucho and Nour El Ain.

The songs performed featured the oud played in different styles and improvisation, spanning several genres.