Posted on 26 Dec 2006

2006 According To Sri Mahligai

Despite our busy schedule, we have come to that time of the year where we look back over our shoulders and ponder if our activities has done any contribution, significant or otherwise, for the community.

The undisputed highlight of the year must be our participation in Dua M’s Boombastik:Gemilang, an 8-episode infotainment where we were the orchestra backing luminaries such as Mawi, Dayang Nurfaezah, Norfasarie, Siti Sarah, Zaleha Hamid etc.

We were also the only music group representing Singapore in Majlis Pusat’s Festival Tari Serumpun, participated by 4 countries, in July.

Other projects include our return to Taman Warisan for Karnival Pesta Kota early in the year, participation at NUS Arts Festival 2006 and Yew Tee CC’s Karya in March, Singapore Heritage Festival 06 in July, Suria Raya Live in September, our return to the Istana for the Ministers’ Hari Raya, some more Hari Raya performances for Yew Tee and Al-Ansar, several corporate events and dinner functions, including the highly forgettable Jamiyah dinner which prompted Mr Nadiputra to write his comments at Berita Harian, and a record-breaking 40 wedding events littered throughout the year.

This year’s wedding invitations has doubled since 2003, and surpassed last year’s record of 34 weddings. 2007 wedding invitations, now currently at 31 bookings, look set to equal at least 2005 figures and 2008 is now open season.

At the SYF Central Judging of Malay Dance event conducted for primary schools in April, 7 new Sri Mahligai songs were featured, 4 of which earned Gold for the respective schools. A total of 32% of about 90 dance items use our songs from Jati, Mutiara as well as other forms of crude bootleg recordings of our live performances and downloads from website.

Members of Sri Mahligai also created a sideline project group Farapeirra for a 2-day performance at the Esplanade for the World Stringed Instruments Month in August, and participated in Gentarasa 2006 – Genggaman Jati Anjakan Paradigma in June.

Meanwhile, Sri Mahligai’s website has been selected for National Library Board’s eArchive initiative to be a part of a showcase of Singapore’s online documentary heritage.

We look forward for what's in store next year and hope that God shall give His blessings to us and that we will remain happy and prosperous and able to see the difference between the necessary and the trivials.

Sri Mahligai wishes all a Happy New Year and may 2007 be even better for all of us.